Scratch Advanced: Twister Part 1

In Scratch advanced this week we learned some cool math formulas that are really handy for doing interesting stuff in programming.


The things we went through!

  • We revised X and Y and reminded ourselves how it works
  • We drew a house using X and Y
  • We learnt about circles and radius
  • We learnt about the math formulas Sin and Cos and how they can be used to get X and Y positions on a circle
  • We learnt about Custom Blocks in Scratch
  • We wrote our own Custom Block that could draw a shape of any size and number of sides, using Sin and Cos to figure out the points!
  • We used that Custom block to make lots of neat patterns (some by accident!)

The notes are attached in PDF and if you follow them you will have a project ready to go for this Saturday – we are going to take that custom block and do some really cool things with it.    Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to do it or can’t follow the notes though – we’ll have this shared out so you can just take off where we finished!

Twister Notes Week1

Download the Scratch Code here!

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