Week 9 2015 – Scratch Beginners – Piano

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for coming yesterday on such a lovely day.

Thank you to Sean Shanley for demoing a 2D plotter that is controlled by Arduino, with 3D printed parts, and programmed with a Scratch variant called mblock.

The Arduino kits are available to buy on Amazon and the website where you can get all the ideas and instructions is called Instructables.

This week we did a simple Piano.


We only had to draw two keys, and then could duplicate these and change the names. The same applied to the code. The code is the same for each key apart from one small change so the note is the appropriate for the key.



See you all next week, our last session before we have a one week break for the bank holiday and then we will be back working on individual projects, getting ready for our final day and the day we will award the belts.



Here are notes from this week in PDF CDA-S4-Challenge-PrepareForBelts and Piano.pdf


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