Forge Modding Tutorial #1 – Setting up your Development Environment

To prepare for MineVention, a handful of you will be making Java mods. This is the first of the posts showing you what to do.

You need to download the following:

The steps to install the Forge Java modding environment are below.

To install Eclipse:

  • Eclipse does not have an installer: you just unzip and run it.
  • Create a folder C:\Eclipse, copy your Eclipse zip file into it, and extract it
  • In the sub-folder, find Eclipse.exe: make a shortcut to it on your desktop
  • Start it up and make sure it works
  • We can write a first “Hello World” program: see below.

To install Forge:

  • Extract the Forge .zip file to a new folder -> C:\Forge
  • Open a Command Prompt/CMD window

In that CMD window, navigate to C:\Forge. Use cd .. a few times to go up a level to C:, and cd Forge to go to the Forge folder.
Now run this command (followed by the second gradlew command, see below):
gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace –refresh-dependencies

Let the installer download all necessary files. This takes 20-30 minutes. Watch out for errors!

  • It will download MCP (Minecraft Coders Pack) automatically, as well as libraries
  • It will then download assets. These are non-code elements of Minecraft, e.g. language files, music files, record audio, sounds and more. These are now stored in a folder called “assets” under the “.minecraft” folder.
  • Finally, it will begin decompiling the Minecraft source code. When finished, you will have a new folder inside your “forge” folder called “mcp”.
  • Finally, create an Eclipse workspace for Forge with this command:
    gradlew.bat eclipse

Start up Eclipse and select the workspace that Forge created, in the Eclipse folder under Forge:


Note: if the workspace is empty, make sure that you ran the command gradlew eclipse and that you selected the correct folder.

Press the green Run icon: you should see messages in the Eclipse console window and Minecraft will launch and will initially have 3 mods.

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