ModderDojo Java Modding 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment

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My instructions are based on this post, but I had to update several aspects of them for Forge 1.7.2:

You need to download the following:

The steps to install the Forge Java modding environment are below.

To install Eclipse:

  • Eclipse does not have an installer: you just unzip and run it.
  • Create a folder C:\Eclipse, copy your Eclipse zip file into it, and extract it
  • In the sub-folder, find Eclipse.exe: make a link to it on your desktop
  • Start it up and make sure it works
  • We can write a first “Hello World” program: see below.

To install Forge:

  • Extract the Forge .zip file to a new folder, for example C:\MinecraftForge
  • Open a cmd window

Use cd to change directory to the forge folder, e.g:
cd \MinecraftForge
Now run this command (followed by the second gradlew command, see below):
gradlew setupDecompWorkspace –refresh-dependencies

Let the installer download all necessary files. This takes 20-30 minutes. Watch out for errors!

  • It will download MCP (Minecraft Coders Pack) automatically, as well as libraries
  • It will then download assets. These are non-code elements of Minecraft, e.g. language files, music files, record audio, sounds and more. These are now stored in a folder called “assets” under the “.minecraft” folder.
  • Finally, it will begin decompiling the Minecraft source code. When finished, you will have a new folder inside your “forge” folder called “mcp”.
  • Finally, create an Eclipse workspace for Forge with this command:
    gradlew eclipse

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ModderDojo Java Modding 1: Beginning Java Mods with Forge


This is the first post in a series. The following posts will cover several steps:

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CoderDojo Athenry Resumes on Saturday 18 Jan

Happy New Year!

CoderDojo Athenry is starting back up for 2014 on Saturday 18 January 2014. As always, it is on from noon in Gairmscoil Mhuire VEC school in Athenry.

New members are welcome to join us: Martha and Julie in Scratch Beginners will have a special area for new members, and new people are welcome in the other streams also. The mentors and other ninjas can help you get up to speed. If you have not been with us before, here is some more information:

You are also welcome to return if you were with us previously but could not attend for some weeks in the run up to Christmas, and the mentors and other ninjas will help you catch up and settle back in.

We will continue with the streams that we had before Christmas:

  1. Beginners/Intermediate Scratch
  2. Advanced Scratch (for ninjas who have been through the Beginner/Intermediate stream)
  3. Beginners Python
  4. Minecraft Modders (aimed at those who are older and/or have completed Scratch Advanced – Java modding this term)
  5. Website Development: this is running in parallel with the weekly sessions

We look forward to seeing you there for some more great sessions!

Michael and the CoderDojo Athenry mentors.