Advanced Scratch – Week 3 – More Crazy Images.

We are going to be in a seperate room this Satruday, next to the main room. This will give us a chance to complete what we started last week and go on to some more Art, using the Stamp Tool.

What we are going to learn this week…

  • Stamping!
  • Random Numbers
  • Truchet Tiling – these are cool…:)
  • Saving Images created in Scratch to Picture files on your Computer.

I have updated the Week 2 page with all Code from my Project to create the Spirals.


This is when you get really angry… Or in Scratch it’s when you copy the Sprite to the Background.

Here is a simple example, using the cat and some spiraling code…

And the same code with a Bat…

And here is the code that makes the pictures above. Can you spot anything that might be better as a variable or a Slider?

Random Numbers.

We are going to use a random number in the Truchet pattern that we are going to draw, this will make the pattern generated different every time.

Truchet Tiling.

From Wikipeadia:

One particular pattern that he studied involved square tiles split by a diagonal line into two triangles, decorated in contrasting colors. By placing these tiles in different orientations with respect to each other, as part of a square tiling, Truchet observed that many different patterns could be formed.”

And here are a couple of samples of what they end up looking like…

Saving Images created in Scratch to Picture files on your Computer.

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